41 Children from Gaza at Home again

Guest post by Otla Pinnow

41 of the 42 children from Gaza, who were transported to peace village “Friedensdorf International” in Oberhausen / NRW / West Germany are now safe and sound at home again. Treatment and transport were organized by Friedensdorf International and the union of Palestinian medics and pharmacist Berlin-Brandenburg. Some of the children were severely wounded through eplosives and one even died on the way. They were treated in different hospitals around.

German local newspaper “Solinger Tagblatt” shows a photo from preparation for transport to Germany from Cairo.

Now 18 children reached home again. One boy had to go to hospital again one day before departure. Already the transport to Germany was not easy. It was delayed “due to bureaucratic reasons”, so chairman of Friedensdorf International Thomas Jacobs and staff member Maria Tinnefeld had quickly to go to Gaza themselves. Also the transport back to Gaza was not easy. But at last they gained a permission to transport them back via Tel Aviv, accompanied by three members of staff of “Friedensdorf”. The last kilometer over the line of demarcation they have to go by foot, pushing two wheelchairs and carrying the dressing material for one child. So Friedensdorf International fulfilled their promise to send them back to parents as soon as even possible.

Newspaper “Der Westen” reported about the last days of the children in Oberhausen, about the difference when they arrived and now: the medics treated the wounds and the peace village the little souls.

The children of Gaza laughed and cried when they got to know that yesterday, 2nd June, they will go to Gaza they longed for so long. “Home, home” they sang and the boys with the biggest mouth cried most for going home at last.

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